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Two things Founder of Adidas taught me: Black Platinum or Black Monkey - Chimezie Anajama

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I am currently reading about Adi Dassler, founder of Adidas. Two things struck me for now about the foundation of his shoe company. First, he began few years after the first world war, 1920, and kept on at it, working and preparing till his big break in 1936 olympic; in between the time frame,
though handful but he has amassed persons that believed in his vision due to his resilience and innovative flexible designs for different field and athletic sports.

From the above, miracle does not just happen; your resilient, creative and innovative preparations get you an opportunity that translates to miracle. Remember, i can't tell you goodluck in an exam you've prepared for. That ?? WAEC 'miracle' story that turns to 77 is not real. For a starter, did you see the script? There's difference a between reading for an exam, no matter how little, and not fully
understanding the questions but something was penned down on the script, no matter how OP it may read, than not reading at all and your script only had your your name, nothing else. Haba! na jazz you use take the 77? I know God can't do for me what i can do for myself.

My second lesson from that story. Jesse Owen. An American. Winner of so many medals in that olympic that happened in Adi's country where he wore one of Adi's
product, and helped Adi realize that the best promoter of sports kits are the athletes in the competition. You see, sometime in my teenage years, i encountered ENCARTA KIDS, and one of the sports heroes of 20th century that was profiled was Jesse Owen. Being one of the first blacks to win in an olympics helped the hype and that Olympic was Berlin 1936. Are you getting the dots? Owen's victories irked the Fuhrer. Oh he couldn't hide the anger during the games. That a black man, the so called black
monkey, could win not just one gold medal, but more than one gold medal, was quinine to Hitler and rest of Germany.
But it benefitted Adi, a german.

Don't ever be shortsighted. Always scout in unlikely places for opportunity. Your enemy can be the key to your success.
Worship him, get what you want, and move on. Adi saw what others failed to see. Adi saw a black platinum in Owen, Hitler and others saw a black monkey. I wonder which side was proved right. What do i even know.

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